Dr. Kenneth Salyer, Teaching



Dr. Salyer was the first chairman of the Division of Plastic Surgery at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School in Dallas, Texas. Currently, he is an adjunct professor at the Department of Orthodontics and the Department of Biomedical Sciences of the Baylor School of Dentistry, a member of the Texas A&M System, and has been named an honorary professor by many medical schools around the globe.



Dr. Kenneth Salyer, Mentoring




For the past three decades, Dr. Salyer has mentored young surgeons eager to improve their craniofacial surgical skills at his home-base in Dallas, as well as in cities around the world. The World Craniofacial Foundation, which he established, sponsors a craniofacial surgical fellowship program for young surgeons from many countries, who work closely with Dr. Salyer for an entire year.

Dr. Kenneth Salyer, World Outreach

World Outreach



In his travels around the globe, performing surgeries and helping establish surgical centers in countries where top-quality medicine is seldom practiced, Dr. Salyer has become convinced that even the very poor can receive excellent medical care at costs that don't bankrupt health-care systems, and that everyone can be offered the basic human right of a normal face.