World Craniofacial Foundation, Mission




The mission of the World Craniofacial Foundation is to give help, hope, and healing by uplifting people with craniofacial abnormalities and their families. As an organization, the World Craniofacial Foundation aims to be the global leader in advocacy for superb craniofacial patient care, education, and research, as well as the primary resource for philanthropic support.


World Craniofacial Foundation, Programs




The World Craniofacial Foundation supports three distinct programs to help children and adults with craniofacial abnormalities:

Education of highly skilled surgeons throughout the world via fellowships and sponsored research; Family Care, including both emergency direct funding  and assistance with ancillary family expenses, and the creation of first-rate International Teams by providing onsite education and surgical training.


World Craniofacial Foundation, Contribute



The World Craniofacial Foundation carries out much of its important work by offering financial assistance to many who cannot afford treatment. Your generosity can bring these children from a life in the shadows into a life in the light. Your tax deductible gifts will be the gift of life for many children who deserve an opportunity to share their unique qualities with the world.

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