A Life That Matters

A Life That Matters



In a speech that is compelling and impassioned, Dr. Salyer issues a call for a new worldwide understanding of the rights of the terribly disfigured, and he encourages listeners to be inspired by the lives of these children and to transform their own challenges into triumphs. A life that ultimately matters is one that's focused on service to others, he believes.



A Life That Matters, JFK assassination

JFK, Parkland Hospital, And I



Dr. Salyer was initially thrust into the national spotlight fifty years ago when he was one of the Parkland Hospital surgeons who worked valiantly to save the life of President John F. Kennedy. The president was the young surgeon's hero, and following his death, Dr. Salyer vowed to make the most of his life during the time that was given to him. This speech is a fascinating recollection of the eventsand the meaningof November 22, 1963.


A Life That Matters, High Tech With A Heart

High-Tech With A Heart



In this intriguing presentation, Dr. Salyer highlights the importance of creating the very best medical team using state-of-the-art tools in order to succeed at the enormously difficult tasks undertaken by craniofacial surgeons—lessons that are applicable to leaders in every field. Medicine is  both art and science, he understands, and his long career has convinced him the highest aspirations of humankind must be integral parts of every endeavor, if it is to succeed.