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What does it mean to live a life that matters? For Dr. Salyer it means you never run from a challenge, you go where you're needed the most, and when there is no hope, you create some.

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A Life That Matters is a fascinating and profoundly moving new book by a surgeon who has devoted his life to helping the world's most unfortunate children grow up with faces that allow them to know they are part of the human communityassured that they are ordinary in the very best way and fully capable of being loved.

We present ourselves to the world foremost with our faces, Dr. Ken Salyer explains, and the people we meet initially look to our faces to ascertain who, in fact, we are. Dr. Salyer is a fiercely intelligent, energetic, insatiably inquiring, and deeply compassionate man whose life has been one of service. As he writes in his introduction to A Life That Matters, he is "convinced that possessing a face you aren't forced to hide is a fundamental human rightas important to a fully lived life as freedom from fear or want." And in clinics and operating rooms around the world, today Dr. Salyer continues a groundbreaking forty-year career whose nexus melds cutting-edge medicine with humanitarian aid offered to profoundly unfortunate children.

A Life That Matters focuses on the moving stories of the children whose lives have been transformed and their personal testaments to how precious their "normalcy" now is. It is these children who inspired Dr. Salyer to found the World Craniofacial Foundation and establish clinics across the globe that now offer hope for good lives to hundreds of poor children in still-developing countries who otherwise would be shunned, locked away, or abandoned. 

​​In a voice that's compelling, eloquent, and always impassioned, Dr. Salyer issues a call for a new worldwide understanding of the rights of the terribly disfigured, and he encourages readers to be inspired by the lives of these children and to transform our own challenges into triumphs.

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